April 19, 2019 - Friday
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Governor of Mazandaran:Necessity to allocate independent budget lines for Mazandaran Risk Rivers

According to Mazandaran Regional Public Relations Department, Dr. Hosseinzadegan, the governor of Mazandaran during a meeting with the managers of the province's water and power industry, pointed out the incidents and damage caused by frequent flooding in some of the rivers of the province,...

Reduction of 600 million cubic meters of Mazandaran rivers in a 11-year statistical period

According to Mazandaran Regional Public Relations Publications, Dr.Mohammad Ebrahim Yakhkeshi, Managing Director of Mazandaran Regional Water Authority, said: "We see a lot of changes in the annual flow of rivers in the province, with the average long-term runoff in the rivers of the province...

Deputy director of Mazandaran regional water company:

Study and implementation of irrigation and drainage network at 270 thousand hectares in Mazandaran

According to Mazandaran Regional Public Relations Department, Mr. Heydar Davoudian, Deputy Director of Regional Water Planning and Development of Mazandaran, reported on the implementation and implementation of modern irrigation and drainage networks at 270 thousand hectares of agricultural land in...